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Genuine People's Revolt or....or... Conspiracy?

What's behind the popular uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt
Tunisia, Egypt and points beyond: Genuine peope's revolt or are these uprisings being orchestrated by unseen forces?
Perhaps the New World Order?
Tarpley, Prison Planet, Rense, What say you?

We the people 02.Feb.2011 12:10

Joe Anybody

I say it is - THE PEOPLE ...rising up

I dont doubt the big (corrupt) players are trying to be involved ...but the "people" are the ones that have the keys to this (car)

Not sure if we all agree or know where the 'car is going' ...but to me it seems "we the people are holding the keys"

hope you're right 02.Feb.2011 14:37

blog dog

if not... well, same 'ol, same 'ol - inspirational, but getting played, getting duped - too much the trend these days and so-called progressives are often easily duped... look at the lemming brigade for Obama, many still haven't figured out their Manchurian Candidate

Tarpley's take:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1USdMUWbIdo&feature=player_embedded#