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VIDEO: Egypt - Portland Solidarity Protest 1.29.11

The protest in Pioneer square was attended by close to 200 people
This protest was clear in what their message was.
Jan 29 2011 Egypt Portland Solidarity Protest
Jan 29 2011 Egypt Portland Solidarity Protest
The protest in Portland Pioneer Square lasted about 2 hours

This is just 4 minutes of that video footage


Standing in Solidarity with the People of Egypt, the people of Portland Rise Up in Unity!

homepage: homepage: http://www.joeanybody.com

Video: pictures from protest 30.Jan.2011 01:07

Joe Anybody

another video from the protest


Forever live the revolution! 30.Jan.2011 09:35


FROEVER LIVE THE REVOLUTION! FOREVER LIVE THE INFITATDA! The Arabs and Jews brought civilization to The World thousands and THOUSANDS of year ago when Europeans were living in caves and eating each other; and never will our people waiver, and NEVER WIIL OUR PEOPLE FALL! FOREVER LIVE THE REVOLUTION, FOREVER LIVE THE INFITADA!

cool 30.Jan.2011 11:39