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EGYPT in full riot

Curfew is in place at 8am PST .no one is going inside

LIVE feed in the side bar

Police cars burning
CROWDS in the 100 of thousands
No one is listen to curfew
Its coming unglued


fire 28.Jan.2011 08:41


police atstion in Cairo is burning

DONT WORRY! 28.Jan.2011 09:27

The Ridgerunner

Don't worry people, it will never happen here. Portlanders idea of protesting is to plaster a bunch of different bumper stickers on the back of their smelly old Subaru and call it good. Needless to say, the rest of America is just a nation of superficial slugs who are way more concerned with having the latest cellphone in one hand and a Starbucks Latte in the other. Nobody ever rioted when Bush started two illegal wars, bailed out the auto companies and banks and took away our Constitutional rights with the Patriot Act, nor did anyone riot when Obama gave way even more fake money to the Wall Street fat cats and also went back on his Anti-War promises he made in the primary.

So yeah folks, nothing to see here. Move along. Get back to your cozy SE bungalow and take some hits of your medical marijuana grown from electricity generated by nuclear power and fish killing hydroelectric power and try to forget about the fact that you're just another hypocrite who is a slave to the system. Just remember, keep your nose clean and don't leave your house and protest in any way shape or form because the FBI will put you on a list and then invent some charges to bring you up in front of a Grand Jury.

Obama Pees His Pants... 28.Jan.2011 09:41

Let's Call Him At White House

Obama pees his pants when he realizes that it could happen here too. All the king's horses, and all the kings men and bombs can't do much when enough is enough. Let's support the courage of Egyptian people, and hope Americans get some backbone against fascism.

breaking news 8:45 archive 28.Jan.2011 09:44

Ben Waiting

breaking news - January 28
8:56AM: police fire tear gas at protesters while on knees praying praying ...people are on their feet now moving
8:55AM: Al Jazeera: Mubarak is suppose to speakto the public - he is late ? - Protesters demand he resign
8:51AM: Evening prayer time: moment of silence - rows are praying in the streets amoung the rise up
8:50AM: Cairo: Democratic Headquarters is Totally burning - Museum is next door - No fire trucks - Crowds Raging - no police in area
8:40AM: Cairo: police station on fire
8:38AM: heavy gunfire near "ministry of information" - building is Gov. nerve center. It is heavly guarded
8:35AM: EGYPT: 30 years of abusive rulling - the city is now burning - Demand for Mubarak to step down
8:32AM: 8:33 PST - protesters staying in spite of curfew and military - hearing gun shots and big explosions
8:22AM: Al Jazeera: National Rulling Democratic headquaters (Historic) is on FIRE - this is the rulling party building
8:18AM: News technology black out in Egypt: Satellite phone is the only footage streaming out

US - supports the crooked leader 28.Jan.2011 10:18

Joe Anybody

USA position is to support Mubarak in spite of all this protest
Just seen a talking head - defend the US position

Us talking heads don't want to face the music
They do not want to acknowledge the rise up

Opposition leader was detained and is now free and joining peaceful march

Curfew is not working 10:20 AM PST

breaking news 2 28.Jan.2011 10:25

Ben Waiting

9:43AM: Alexandria Egypt: Al Jazeera" military rolling out tanks & shaking hands with protesters. Still hearing explosians. Heading to Ministry of Information.
9:36AM: Cairo: No police anywhere - military is overwhelmed by too many protesters. Some seen shaking hands w/ protesters
9:33AM: 2 killed on Friday by military Protesters Burning a another police van Reports of Even More police cars set on fire
9:31AM: The demands are for jobs & food by protesters! Many cities are in Uprise & numbers of protesters in the thousands & thousands

breaking news 3 28.Jan.2011 10:46

Ben Waiting

breaking news - January 28
10:05AM: 6 tanks surrounded by protesters - military tank drivers come out and shake hands - no police anywhere ?

fuk em 28.Jan.2011 10:56

bleeping mad

Breaking News #4 posted at - 11:00 AM PST friday 28.Jan.2011 11:07

Ben Waiting

breaking news - January 28
10:52AM: 4 white vehicles just show up? Protesters jump up on & all over these white vehicles?
10:51AM: Al Jazeera: protesters are looting the Democratic headquarters. dozens of police vehicles burning outside headquarters.
10:43AM: IMC.org: breaking news +++ 28 Jan 2011: RT @jeremyscahill Egypt can use this number for dial up: +33172890150 (login 'toto' password 'toto') - thanks to a French ISP

U.S. Continues to Back Mubarak 28.Jan.2011 11:13

Pink & Black

U.S. Continues to Back Mubarak
Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak is a longtime U.S. ally, and his government is among the top recipients of U.S. foreign aid. White House spokesperson Robert Gibbs said the Obama administration continues to back Mubarak's reign.

Robert Gibbs: "This isn't a choice between the government and the people of Egypt. Egypt, we know, and President Mubarak has for several decades been a close and important partner with our country."


FOX(666)NEWS 28.Jan.2011 11:41


fox(666)news is claiming the "violent" protests will most likely be taken over by the military who will then impose their own version of what they want for a government. typical fear mongering.

f = 6
o = 15 (1+5=6)
x = 24 (2+4=6)

PDX flier 28.Jan.2011 11:51

joe anybody

portland solidarity

PDX flier 28.Jan.2011 11:52

joe anybody

portland solidarity picture
10th and Jefferson
10th and Jefferson
10th and Jefferson
10th and Jefferson

Picture of flier 28.Jan.2011 12:02

Joe Anybody

flier in PDX

is this a shout out or a call out? 28.Jan.2011 12:14

Pink & Black

i can't read what it says:/

:-) 28.Jan.2011 12:27

joe anybody ((( i )))

sorry -- looks like just a shout out for solidarity

No place and teme mentioned

*_* 28.Jan.2011 13:40

Pink & Black

Damn. Well thanks any who:D

"burning" is a violent word 28.Jan.2011 14:34


You should say, "non-cold activity". Also, don't say, "war", which is also violent. (Non-peaceful event is better.)

I'm more peaceful than you, and I'm more in solidarity with others (except the zionists). My actions have caused the police to change the law, too.

Stay within the lines.

what 28.Jan.2011 16:22