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and a hard rain's gonna fall...

Please don't ask me to sign a petition or call.write an elected official.
When faced with the perfest storm of endless global war, climate collapse, economic collapse and a government corrupt and owned by ruthless multinational corporations, it becomes clear that;
* signing petitions is nothing more than a momentary feel-good anodyne.
* contacting your elected leaders is a frustrating exercise in futility.
* standing in the street, carrying signs and yelling at the bad guys achieves nothing more than generating some nice pictures for the activist gallery and a chance to visit with friends not seen since the last march/protest/rally.
* getting cuffed up and hauled off to jail has become so ritualized that everybody plays the time honored roles and the system smiles at the cute children and their adorable make believe games.

Even before Obama, out of the smoke and mirrors, an image emerged of a country caught in a death spiral of power crazed greed and hate. Obama was marketed to quiet, for a time, the growing sense of rage and horror at what lies ahead.

What is left to do is the awesome challenge of living sustainably in our own communities - at this fearful time when we have lost the skills of both sustainabiity and community. Unlikely s/heroes may emerge. In the face of disaster, we will see what it is we are truly made of.

I 23.Jan.2011 11:51


Too bad the Tunisian riots/protests didn't do anything. Maybe they should have focused more on building sustainable communities & maybe even all gone vegan.

liberals: can we riot now???? 23.Jan.2011 19:38


make total destroy!
liberals: can we riot now????
liberals: can we riot now????

How can we "live sustainably" when the planet is being destroyed? 24.Jan.2011 15:40


Hoping for (s)heroes is what you liberals did when you supported Obama in spite of the facts that we to your left presented to you. We have to dismantle the present system or there is no sustainability possible.

So now you're ready to abandon the Dear Leader? Well, guess what: you will need air to breathe and water to drink like the rest of us, and Obama, Inc. is destroying what's left of that.

This means giving up your cult-like religious devotion to only those tactics that you've used in the past. Read MLK's "Beyond Vietnam" speech ("We are at the moment when our lives must be placed on the line if our nation is to survive its own folly. Every man of humane convictions must decide on the protest that best suits his convictions, but we must all protest.")

"Okay, so Flower Power didn't work. So what? We try again." -- John Lennon

Link for you 31.Jan.2011 16:04

Jody Paulson

Here's a worthwhile article by someone who equates the "process of awakening" to the 5 stages of grief. It sounds like you've moved from the "Bargaining" stage (trying to get the people in Denial to see how wrong they are) to the "Depression" stage ("Nobody cares -- what's the use?"):