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China Analysis of the Human Rights Record of the United States

Overall, America is a lawless, violent terror state, intolerant of human and civil rights, democratic values, and basic notions of freedom and equal justice.
from: Obama Challenges China on Human Rights,
 link to www.opednews.com

An accurate account of what US propaganda suppresses, revealing important, substantiated facts about:

-- the world's most lawless state;

-- a society in social crisis;

-- a domestic armed camp under police state laws that suppress human rights and civil liberties, criminalize dissent, allow illegal spying, control information, persecute political prisoners for political advantage, and deny them due process and judicial fairness;

-- torture as official US policy at home and abroad;

-- the operator of the world's largest global gulag;

-- systematic targeted killings;

-- permanent wars for unchallengeable world dominance:

-- targeting peaceful nations;

-- committing ruthless state terror;

-- endangering world stability and peace;

-- illegally transferring public wealth to elitist private hands;

-- stealing elections;

-- running a one-party state with two wings, each as criminally ruthless and corrupted as the other