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Dallas Officer Sues Taser International

Taser dangerous? What? Stunning revelation.
A Dallas police officer has filed a lawsuit against the company that makes Tasers called Taser International.
The stun guns are regularly used on recruits in training at many police academies.

Officer Andrew Butler alleges he suffered a fractured vertebra after he was tased during rookie training.

Butler's lawsuit is the latest in a string of lawsuits filed against the company.

He claims "Taser" didn't fully disclose the risks of a shot from the stun gun.

Taser International stands behind its product, claiming it's safer and a better option than automatic, semi-automatic weapon or revolver.


Electric Shock is Dangerous 23.Jan.2011 14:29


Yes, Tazer should be sued, and criminally prosecuted, first and foremost for fraudulent advertising and product safety claims. Electric shock by 10,000 volts is dangerous, period - ask any physician. Keep in mind that the same voltages are used in medical de-fibulators, and AEDs. (Note that an AED will *not* deliver an electric shock if it detects normal heart rhythms in the patient, as administration of electric shock to restart the heart is considered a last resort measure.) Electric shock is more dangerous, in fact, than being hit in the face by pepper spray, or having a rib bruised, or even broken by a police baton. Very few people have died from pepper spray, or police batons, whereas a significant number of people have died from Tazer administered electric shock.