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Portland Indymedia Censorship

"Read it, write it, your site, your news" reads the stated purpose of Portland Independent Media Center, Indymedia. So just how does censorship fit in?
I have enjoyed reading Indymedia as an alternative to the corporate dominated news media for years. And I took Indymedia's stated purpose at face value. That is, until I began posting and noticed that several of my recent news articles never got published, even though my posts went through and I received confirmation of this.

Either there are technical problems with this site, or more likely Portland Indymedia is engaging in censorship for whatever reason. Which is it?

I checked the editorial policy and the articles I wrote did not violate the policy, and yet they did not appear. The "compost bin" shows nothing "hidden" for this year, yet the posts that disappeared were from 2011 (I can understand if they have not been archived yet). And when I pointed out some obvious Indymedia hypocrisy as a comment to another's post that Indymedia was threatening to remove, that too was censored. Apparently constructive criticism of Indymedia is not welcome.

So what is supposedly a place encouraging free speech and community involvement turns out to be silencing independent voices. If this is happening to me then who else is it also happening to here?

If Indymedia is genuine in their commitment to "read it, write it, your site, your news," then the application of Indymedia's editorial policy should be consistent. Otherwise it isn't fair.

I'd like to stay here but if this is what Indymedia has turned into, then sadly it is no longer worth sticking around.