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VIDEO: Protest Against the Korea FTA - Sen. Wyden's & Rep. Blumenauer's

A rally / protest against the Korean FTA was held at 2 congressmen's office in Portland Oregon on Jan 12 2011.

This video is in 2 parts for each office that the Jobs With Justice protest went to.
Part 1. (Kim Kyung-Ran, director of external relations for the Korean Confederation of Trade Union speaks)
Sen Wydens office protest

Part 2.
Rep. Earl Blumenauer's office

Related PIMC video and post to the same event by Jim Lockhart:

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Map person 21.Jan.2011 08:55

Would anyone like a map?

That's not Sen. Wyden's office. This rally was done at the building next door. No one working for Sen. Wyden or any of the people going to Sen. Wyden's office would see that rally.

Actually 21.Jan.2011 11:28

Jim Lockhart

Due to construction on the area leading up to Sen. Wyden's office, the steps were taped off, so folks moved across to the other wing................