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VIDEO: FBI Terrorism Task Force JTTF joining Portland Police - A Town Hall Forum 1.13.11

The City Council held a Town Hall on the topic of the JTTF and the Portland Police[.] This was attend by a good couple hundred people and lasted for a couple hours[.] It was an open forum for the public to voice their opinion[.]

There was no debate nor any decisions made

The JTTF stands for Joint Terrorism Task Force.

The Joint Terrorism Task Force formed in 1997 and is one of 106 across the country. The Portland Police Bureau are no longer part of the JTTF.

But the Oregon State Police, Port of Portland and the Washington County Sheriff's Office participate with federal agencies for investigations.

Most people at this forum / event in my opinion tended to be very skeptical of the FBI and wanted no part in the "becoming partners" with the city or our police, in this type of partnership. There were a few questions raised as to why this merger was necessary.

There was a point in the meeting where 'break-away' groups formed to discuss concerns in a smaller group setting.
The break-away groups lasted for about 30 - 40 minutes and was not recorded in the video.

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