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Schools and Environmental Health: At a Crossroads

Come speak to local,state,and federal
public officials about school environmental
health issues and their importance in your
community.We want to hear your concerns
and give you an opportunity to influence
policy on this important issue.
Hosted By
Robina Suwol, Executive Director, California Safe Schools & Jane Williams, Executive Director, California Communities Against Toxics

When: February 1, 2011
Where: City Hall
200 North Spring Street
Downtown Los Angeles
4th Floor Media Center

U.S. EPA has proposed new draft voluntary school siting guidelines. The draft guidelines are available for public comment until February 18,2011 at  http://www.epa.gov/schools. Learn more about these guidelines at this pre-event learning session.

Pre-Event Learning Session
What Are U.S. EPA's Draft School Siting Guidelines and what might they mean for your community?

Listening Session
Share YOUR experience with school siting and environmental health issues!

Please RSVP to Robina Suwol | 818-785-5515
calisafe [at] earthlink.net