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Corrupt PPB official promoted

Edward Brumfield to be promoted from captain to commander.
On Thursday, January 20, 2011, Captain Edward Brumfield will be promoted to Portland police commander and be assigned to command the PPB Detective Division at the Justice Center. Brumfield's promotion ceremony is scheduled to take place beginning at 9:00 AM in the Portland City Council chambers. Brumfield is among two other PPB staff promotions and fifteen new PPB officer hires that will also be sworn in during the same ceremony.

As a captain, Brumfield has been running the PPB Internal Affairs Division that supposedly investigates officer misconduct. In his position as captain, Brumfield has engaged in cover-ups and dishonesty. Brumfield's promotion was approved by PPB Chief Reese.

When Brumfield was a sergeant in the Drugs & Vice unit, Brumfield sent paid, undercover civilian informants to have sex with prostitutes in hotel rooms that PPB had wired with surveillance equipment.

According to attorney Michael Rose, informants were "provided by the police with a room in which to work and a wad of spending money...the women masturbated the informants to ejaculation which required toweling off and the ritual post-orgasmic cigarette. Informants appeared to be immensely enjoying their brief careers in law enforcement." Your tax dollars at work here, folks.

Michael Rose continues, "The fundamental fairness requirement embodied in the due process clause of the federal Constitution says we need to be fair and we need to have clean hands in law enforcement. If the police agents are paying for sex with tax dollars, then there's something horribly unfair about the fact that [the female defendants] are being charged and the police agents are not, even though their conduct was exactly the same."

Apparently this sort of unethical conduct presented no problems for Edward Brumfield.

Multnomah County Circuit Court Judge Marcus took pity on "unfortunate agent who had to submit himself to this," during a court case, noting that with all the escort services in Portland, "this guy has a bright future ahead of him." With people like Brumfield handing out wads of tax payer cash for sex acts despite constitutional violations, we tend to agree.

People of Portland, please give a big round of applause to your new detective commander: Edward Brumfield.

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