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Idiot, Racists in Front of Creston Station Post Offce......

.....with a Hitler Obama poster???

They were suppose to be democrats. More like Tea Party fascists And obviously anti-Obama.

"A man who stands for nothing will fall for anything."
Malcolm X
I'm not a democrat and didn't vote for Obama. I'm the far left that chose to vote for a losing candidate rather than sell my soul to the very same system that is the largest prove-yer of violence around the world. Where were these nice folks when Bush had set fire to half the middle east.

You can get away with displaying racist posters in SE, but I just wondered what kind of response they would get in an African American neighborhood? Say, along MLK? or somewhere in NE?

I'm guessing people are not going to be happy.

Only naive, trust fund kids would think a corrupt system that has the blood of tens of millions on its hands will change for Obama or any other singularly marketed personality in a couple of years. Just tells me you have absolutely no idea of the reality our political system has exported around the world.

Good time for a real discussion on Racism in Portlandia!!!!!!!!!!

"The Negro revolution is controlled by foxy white liberals, by the Government itself."
Malcolm X

Could you post some pictures of this poster please? 20.Jan.2011 01:51



? 20.Jan.2011 08:24


How is that racist?

They are not saying anything about anyone's race. They are making a weak and ignorant comparison of a democrat to a national socialist. Race isn't being discussed anywhere in those posters.

People did the same thing to Bush. Slap a little moustache under anyone's nose, compare them to Hitler, etc etc. It is an absurd way to characterize someone you don't agree with, but it wasn't racist when it was done to Bush, and it isn't racist now, just because Obama happens to be black.

Welcome to the non-racist party 20.Jan.2011 15:54


Look, if you want to really enjoy yourself party on at the non-racist headquarters. You'll soon find out that you don't have to be drunk to be incoherent or an inquisitioner to fry people alive. See the hidden "SofBS: Our favourite multicultural racist TV network" Melbourne Indymedia, for another laugh at what you are up against.