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Nation Wide Protests for Jobs Now!

It is time to hit the streets
Nation Wide Protests for Jobs Now!

It is time to hit the streets and the challenge the nation's wealthiest 1 percenters and their corporate and political lackeys on Wall Street, in Congress and in the White House. The political system in America is rigged to screw the public out of every dime they have and make the filthy rich, filthier.

We need to give the filthy rich a bath in the fire of street protests. We need to teach them that their wealth was not created in a vacuum and that being wealthy is a privilege afforded to them by the working people of the world.

The Youth of this nation are being told that their future is no longer important to the narcissistic, political and economic culture created by older generations. It is now time to interrupt the flow of capital into the pockets America's 1 percenters by grinding the economy to a halt with intensive street protests.

We must start with non-violent civil disobedience snarling the nation's traffic forcing the complacent employed to pay attention to their fellow citizens.

Stop The Traffic! We Want Living Wage Jobs Now!


What kind of jobs? 19.Jan.2011 12:52


What kind of jobs are we asking the wealthiest 1% and their political lackeys to give us?

Always 19.Jan.2011 13:53

Lloyd Hart dadapop@dadapop.com

Living wage jobs that don't produce toxic air, water, homes, clothes and food.

Why don't you create your own jobs? 19.Jan.2011 14:36


I'm not trying to flame, just wondering why you would want to suck up to the wealthy and/or government?

If you bring down the economy all that will happen is the wealthy will earn less, the government will have less tax revenues, and more people will be out of work.

Is there a reason for not being able to create your own income?