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Riddles and Airport Security

First a disclaimer: I do not for one moment condone any acts of violence whatsoever. In the words of Mohatma Gandi "While there are causes for which I am prepared to die, there is no cause for which I am prepared to kill."
The following discussion is meant to stir intellectual debate about the absurdity of security measures implemented at airports and, increasingly, at other locations, as well. It first begins with a challenge: think about all the things you could make, or improvise, from what you might buy, or find lying about in an airport - between the security check point and the boarding gate. The goal of such a discussion leads to a realization that the purpose behind the current security measures cannot possibly be to prevent weapons from being carried aboard an aircraft. Logically, the only solution? Require all passengers to strip naked at the security check point and board their aircraft in the nude. So, the question remains: what can possibly be the real intent behind all the security measures?