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HELP! seeking legal aid for poor folks in need of civil rights defense!

looking for any type of civil rights/social justice groups that may be able to help with legal advice...
my brother, free in his natural state-prior to arrest
my brother, free in his natural state-prior to arrest
If anyone out there knows of any groups that offer free/low cost legal advice or services PLEASE contact me. My younger brother was involved in a (non-violent) altercation with the police and is being held on trumped-up charges (resisting arrest, harassment, "obstruction of governmental administration", etc.) he is now facing a possible prison sentence. Multiple civil rights abuses have occurred and the ACLU has been contacted and are willing to take the case, but can not take any action until the criminal matters have been resolved. He is currently being held without any time frame and has only a public defender to rely on. Again, if anyone knows of any groups or individual lawyers who work with these types of issues, PLEASE let me know. I can be contacted at the e-mail address above^ thanks!