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Samsung Granted RoboCop Patent

Samsung just received confirmation for a patent that describes an unmanned automatic shooting mechanism that is designed to support and replace security forces in locations such as airports, harbors, and nuclear power plants.

Samsung fuels the 2011 IT patent frenzy with 151 patents granted in the second week of the year. One of them was particularly interesting and somewhat reminiscent of the automated "enforcement droid" in the 1990 movie RoboCop 2.
The patent is introduced as "Automatic shooting mechanism and robot having the same" which outlines a cyborg-like shooting robot that, however, is not immediately mobile like the cyborg in the movie. Apart from that, which could be fixed with a mobile base, the device use front and back ultra-low brightness cameras that are employed for aerial monitoring, target identification, tracking and "accurate" shooting in short and long ranges.

Additionally, Samsung has integrated image recognition technology, image processing and storing technology, voice recognition technology, servo technology, image tracking technology, and system control technology.

The company envisions such robots to be used for "intelligent monitoring" tasks in important national facilities such as airports, harbors, and nuclear power plants as well as military settings to "improve the security of soldiers during war time by performing 3D (dangerous, dirty, dull) duties." Samsung claims that such robots "can efficiently reduce manpower and greatly enhance a military's competitive power." Overall security of monitored locations would benefit from this technology as " the systems can have accurate tracking and instant reaction abilities, including high speed and accurate shooting capabilities."

Depending on its configuration, the robots can be remotely controlled or can act automatically - and can remove a safety pin to enable the shooting mode. Multiple targets can be tracked as the gun can be moved while the camera tracks another target. The system is even capable of firing a "warning shot" and "directional shooting is possible at an enemy target according to a predetermined control algorithm." To device is armored to protect it from enemy fire.