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9.11 investigation

Guns and Butter - "Demolition Access To the World Trade Center Towers" with Kevin Ryan. -

"Demolition Access To the World Trade Center Towers" with Kevin Ryan.
WTC tenants, both companies and employees; security and design firms and their board members involved in redesigning and implementing the new security system after the 1993 basement bombing; companies and individuals involved in the clean-up of ground zero. Who had the means, access, motivation and who profited.

here we go again.. 17.Jan.2011 17:58


Wake up fools!

Explosives are SUPER FUCKING LOUD......Like audible for MILES!!!!!

That didnt happen on 9/11....

Steel snapping, tires and air bags exploding, batteries and generators exploding.....all are loud, but none are half as loud as demo....

Stop making things up for political reasons....

Firefighters and Medics Testified They Heard Explosives 31.Jan.2011 22:07

911 Commission

Many, many witnesses testified to the 911 Commission that they heard LOUD explosions and saw plumbs of smoke exit World Trade Center Buildings (including Building 7, which "fell" and was hit by nothing) before the buildings "collapsed". The 911 chose not to publish most of this tesitimony in "final report", but it is still on the record.