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Video: Muslim Unity Peace and Understanding Solidarity Event in Portland Oregon 12.19.10

On 12.19.10 there was an event in Pioneer Square for Understanding, Unity and Peace.
In solidarity with the Muslim community.
12.19.10 Portland Muslim Unity Peace Solidarity
12.19.10 Portland Muslim Unity Peace Solidarity
The full video from 12/19/10 I filmed /edited from this event in Pioneer Square is here:
 link to www.archive.org


I made three short out takes of Mohamed Siala Director Islamic Center of Corvallis speech here:

(Part 1)

(Part 2)

Full Speech by Mohamed Siala (only) (20 min with song at end of video)
 link to www.archive.org


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One more related video 16.Jan.2011 19:13

joe anybody

From the Portland CIO community, I find this great video from the event at Portland City Hall a few weeks ago.


somethings to look at. 21.Jan.2011 19:47


Education kills ignorance.
Conintelpro learned long ago that the easiest way to divide and conquer is along the lines of race and sex:

 link to www.associatedcontent.com

And there is more and more and more
Western Judaeo-Christian based societies have been, and are far far far more oppressive to women than Islam.
Sorry folks but it is the truth.
I am not Muslim, I hate organized religion, but the facts are that even though I do not support Islam, I can't sit and watch this slander based on ignorance anymore.

Please, if you don't believe me go do your own survey of Muslim women and their opinions.
I have and it really opened my mind.

Slander based on Ignorance 22.Jan.2011 09:56

J. David Cummings

To educate, educator, you first have to know something about what you are trying to educate folks on. You only have to go to the Koran, read the teaching of the Prophet, and educate yourself. Your statement on "western" religions is disingenuous for we are talking about today, not the distant past. I don't give one shit what some person on a blog has to say about Islam because I can read the Koran and understand it myself. Progressive spin don't change the basic tenants of the faith. Truth is not slander, and the only ignorance seen here is contained in your dumb comment. Your hate organized religion, but yet you have to defend it cause you are a hypocrite, and an ignorant one at that.