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Video: Fur Free Friday, 2010

Taking place on the day after Thanksgiving, Fur Free Friday is an international event dedicated to educating people about the horrors suffered by animals in the fur industry.

Fur Free Friday, 2010
After beginning with a rally in front of Nordstrom's, the demonstration marched through downtown Portland, visiting Ungar Furs, Macy's and Sac's Fifth Avenue retailers, before arriving at the South Park Blocks for vegan treats.

At Nordstrom's, Matt Rossell, spokesperson for In Defense of Animals, spoke briefly about the reasons for the demonstration and explained the national campaign to respectfully convince Nordstrom's to cut it's ties with the fur industry.
This is an ongoing campaign asking people to contact Nordstrom's and politely request that they please stop carrying all fur items.

After a rousing cheer by the local Portland Radical Cheerleaders, about 100 people marched through downtown Portland chanting against the use of animal fur, encouraging onlookers to consider a vegetarian or vegan diet and to enjoy a cruelty free Holiday Season. Signs like, "Fur is Dead,""Your Fur Had a Face," and "Fur is Never Worth the Price," educated passers by to the horrors and cruelty involved in this industry built on suffering, blood and vanity.

At Ungar Furs and later at Sac's Fifth Avenue Rossell continued exposing the harsh treatment of animals at fur farms. Numerous examples of cruel and harsh treatment amounting to torture are cited, including occasional skinning an animal while still alive and anal electrocution.
Quoting the Fur Kills Website:
"Millions of coyote, raccoon, bobcats and other species are caught in the wild using spring traps with metal teeth that smash bone and crush muscle. Animals can linger in excruciating pain for days without food or water before a trapper kills them. About one quarter of trapped animals escape by chewing their own limbs off."

According to Rossell, millions of dogs and cats are also raised and killed for their fur, predominantly in China, where it is eventually used in accessories, gloves, hats, toys and collars.

Throughout the march and at each stop, the Radical Cheerleaders lent their creativity to the event, providing entertainment along with the education. An education that was arguably most poignant in the cheers as well as the many chants along the way.......
"Fur Trade, Death Trade;" "50 million animals died in Vain; 5 dead wolves, one fur coat; 50 dead bobcats, one fur coat; 8 dead seals, one fur coat." And another, "one struggle, one fight; human freedom animal rights," which expresses the common thread between the struggle for animal rights and for social justice in every corner of our planet.

And perhaps the most determined and prescient of them all: "we will never back down, until you stop the killing."

the Fur Free Friday Website

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