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Portland Gestapo

PORTLAND, OREGON: Police Chief Michael Rhesus announced today that the Portland Police Bureau will soon be changing it's name to "Portland Gestapo" and adding a black swastika to the iconic red rose insignia seen on Portland patrol cars (see photo below).
Click on photo for enlarged version
Click on photo for enlarged version
"Since we are able to get away with outright murder, it is high time we dropped all pretenses of humanity and public service," Chief Rhesus said as he chewed on a banana, calling them "a waste of time." "The name 'Portland Gestapo' is much more reflective of our agency as a whole," added Chief Rhesus. The chief went on to explain that "The swastika is a symbol of our core values of hatred, racism and distrust of the public at large. We shall use our Portland Gestapo as an instrument of terror to instill fear in this disgustingly liberal place. Either you are for us OR AGAINST US!" added Chief Rhesus with a rising, high pitched scream.

Chief Rhesus also excitedly announced the new motto of the Portland Gestapo as "Death With Impunity." "Advertising makes it happen," added Chief Rhesus with a knowing wink.

The chief also detailed the immediate disbandment of all the specialized Portland Gestapo units (Gang Enforcement, Critical Incident, etc). Instead, these officers will now be assigned to a new division called the "Minority Control Unit" (MCU). "Minorities, including persons of color and the mentally ill, are not like us regular white folks," Chief Rhesus explained, "they are extremely dangerous. And bullets are much faster and cheaper than a dialogue with savages." MCU officers will all be heavily armed with automatic weapons, sniper rifles, anti-personnel mines, rocket propelled grenades and armored personnel carriers, said the visibly excited and now drooling chief. "GET SOME, GET SOME," Chief Rhesus screamed as he exploded in deadly anticipation, repeatedly smashing his fists down onto his opulent office desk.

Finally, the chief also announced the new Portland Gestapo uniforms that are now being issued, replacing the traditional Portland police blue uniforms. "They are all black," Chief Rhesus proclaimed, "in honor of Adolph Hitler's black uniformed Nazi SS. And the bloodstains of our victims won't show up as easily on our new black uniforms, either." At this, Chief Rhesus jumped up from behind his desk and strode purposefully over to a giant, full length mirror in his office, to admire himself. Thrusting his chest out and placing his hand into his Gestapo uniform shirt in the manner of Napoleon, I bid Chief Rhesus goodbye...

reverse english 15.Jan.2011 01:35

moose lorals

Capt Krueger Video 15.Jan.2011 21:41


Click on the web site address link to see the banned Capt Krueger Nazi video, now on the Willamette Week web site.

The system supports white nationalism? 16.Jan.2011 10:39


"Cops, lawyers, judges, media outlets and politicians support white nationalism in the United States."

That statement is a general paraphrasing of many thing Ive seen on this website.

The absurdity and TRUE ignorance it displays is mind-boggling.

Funny thing is, it's almost the complete opposite of the truth.

If you think police are friendly and chummy to WN's, you've obviously never been a WN.
If you think the courts are friendly to WNs, you've obviously never been had your WN views brought up in court.
If you think the media is friendly to WNs, you're higher than a kite. Go have a gander at the endless major-media outlets owned by folks like Gerald Levin, Norman Pearlstine, Sumner Redstone, Edgar Bronfman, Michael Eisner, etc..
If you think politicians are friendly to WNs, why do loaded "hate-crime" laws get stiffer almost every year?

The "system" has more akin to RCA than it does any WNs groups Ive been around.
Wake up!