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Stop 5000 acre Giveaway - ACTION

Big up - prefunction
So, Some people have been suggesting interest in taking a -trip- down to lane county to investigate the sale, get some boots on the ground and peek out and see if there are any old-growth // endangered species type violations. This kind of information would be very good to have before the public comment on Feb. 8th.

Another -trip- / rideshare might be advised then as well, please stay tuned.

If you are a safe driver and {HAVE TRANSPORTATION} or gas money. the email address provided here can be used as a contact/clearing house to try and pre-funk a recon mission. ][*]within the bounds of the law[*][

Forest expert types encouraged to apply, 15 + people would be a sweet number. This is a portland trip// lane co. or K-falls also can contact and I will try to link those folks as well.

So, if you are a forestry type expert, climber/ wildlife expert type, please consider this especially.