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Bullying is not limited only to USA schools, as President of Youth for Human Rights Florida, Dustin McGahee, discovered in his recent trip to Taiwan.
During his 8 day tour of Taipei, Taiwan, Dustin visited schools and colleges to talk about the necessity of all students to understand the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which defines 30 rights we all have, not because of laws of the nation, but just because we are human.

While experiencing the rich Taiwanese culture McGahee discovered that even though the culture of the students of Taiwan may be different, we share the same problem of bullying in schools, derived from not understanding and respecting the rights of others.

At the National Taipei University of Technology interest in human rights was high. Students not only asked what they could do, but immediately took action to let their peers know about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. "Rights are not self-protecting, even in schools," McGahee told the students. "If people understood their rights, and respected the rights of others, there would be no bullying."

Youth for Human Rights Florida, a chapter of Youth for Human Rights International, is a secular non-profit organization with the mission to educate about Human Rights both in and out of the classroom. The uniqueness of the program lies in the educational materials, which includes a youth-oriented DVD explaining the 30 Human Rights, created in collaboration with the Human Rights Department of the Church of Scientology International.

To find out what are human rights go to: www.youthforhumanrights.org