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Video: Portland Rally Opposing Korea FTA

Demonstration opposing the Korea Free Trade Agreement. Speakers include Arthur Stamoulis, Oregon Fair Trade Campaign; Mitch Besser, displaced high-tech worker; Kim Kyung-Ran, director of external relations for the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions; and Madeline Elder, president, Communications Workers of America.
No to the Korean Free Trade Agreement
From the Oregon Fair Trade Campaign Website

"President Obama recently announced plans to push ahead with the Korea Free Trade Agreement in early 2011. This Bush-negotiated pact is the biggest free trade agreement since NAFTA itself. If passed, it will accelerate the offshoring of Oregon jobs, expose the state's environmental laws to new types of attacks and prohibit the type of banking regulations needed to head off the next financial crisis."

The Demonstration took place and the offices of Sen. Ron Wyden, who chairs the Senate's Trade Subcommittee. The gathering then marched the few blocks to the offices of Oregon Rep. Earl Blumeauer. Video is from the action at the Wyden offices.

No to the Korean Free Trade Agreement

Kim Kyung-Ran, director of external relations for the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions, is in town on a speaking tour of the Northwest to gather momentum against this FTA which is very unpopular with the people in South Korea.
At a teach in on Tuesday evening, Kim Kyung-Ran gave a slide presentation depicting the extent of that resistance. They have been organizing against this Trade Agreement for many years. To measure the extent of the resistance against this agreement, a demonstration in Seoul attracted one million protesters.

Video is about 12 minutes in length.

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