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Jared Loughner - Who Is Your Father?

Jared was not lying when ha said he was a MK Project.
Test Tube Baby. Government Product.

The Confirmation...

Father? ...Sperm taken from an Astronaut - Mark Kelly,
Husband of Shooting Victim Rep. Gabrielle Giffords.

I wouldn't lie to you.

Take Care,

Here You Go... Mother...May I? 14.Jan.2011 16:18

Tracy Mapes

In Spanish ... 15.Jan.2011 10:42

Tracy Mapes

Picasa 3 Face Recognition Picks Gabby! ... 17.Jan.2011 11:07

Tracy Mapes


Screen Shot. When Prompted to Name Jared Loughner Mugshot, Picasa 3 Automated Face Recognition Software Suggests Gabrielle Giffords.


The Gabrielle Overlay 18.Jan.2011 02:07

Tracy Mapes


This was a False Flag Event.

Take Care, Tracy Mapes