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President of Neo-Nazi Organization Contracted to Work in Middle East

Rose City Antifascists (RCA) discovered a particularly noteworthy email in the wealth of intelligence made public by the hack. In a message dated October 15, 2009, Randal Kragerófounder and president of the neo-Nazi organization Volksfront Internationalódelegated tasks involved with running the group while he prepared to spend a year in the Middle East working for a private firm, possibly connected to the US military presence in the region.
Randal Krager (L)
Randal Krager (L)
Krager wrote of his imminent departure:

hey fellas, I will be leaving for houstan [sic] this sunday, if i pass a full physical and some more classes, approx a week later i will be leaving for the middle east for work.

it is a year contract, i wil [sic] be back every 4 months for 10 days paid leave.

---ALL---- communications from the mid-east are monitored by dept. of defense and/or cia so i will have some contact but will not be able to discuss any business, not even vaguely.

 link to rosecityantifa.weebly.com

VERY interesting ! 13.Jan.2011 20:59


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