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Officer Shaw fucks up again

Portland police officers Shaw and Delenikos beat and tasered a young college student, rendering heim unconscious. He had to be revived by emergency personell. Both of these cops have violent histories.
On December 24, 2010, officers Darrell W. Shaw and Matt Delenikos beat and tasered a 21-year-old college student until he was unconscsious. He had to be revived by emergency personell. The young black man had no weapons, no drugs, had not been drinking, had no arrest record, and was not involved with the fight that had happened nearby and to which the cops were responding.

article from The Skanner:
 link to www.theskanner.com

On May 19, 2005, Officer Darrell W. Shaw, along with officers Ho and Friedman, shot and killed Vernon Allen, a homeless black man, downtown at West 5th and Burnside.

from Portland Copwatch,

People's Police Report #36 September 2005 :

"[Vernon] Allen, 48, was killed in the early morning of May 19 on West 5th and Burnside. He allegedly wrestled with Officer Kai Ho (#39661), who broke free as backup arrived. Although witness descriptions differ, the police claim Allen lunged with a knife at the four officers on the scene and three of them, Darrell Shaw (#28923), Mark Friedman (#36237) and Ho, opened fire and killed Allen with 6 bullets. The initial 911 call that attracted police concerned Allen kicking trashcans in the area."

According to the Portland Tribune, Officer Darrell Shaw was responsible for sending 8 people to the hospital in 2004. ("When Cops Use Force," Portland Tribune, October 31, 2006)

On November 18 2003, Officer Shaw showed up to a hip-hop show in his cop-car with a stuffed gorilla attached to the grill. This was largely interpreted by the hip-hop show attendees as a racially motivated insult, and they took pictures with their camera-phones to publicize the incident. According to Portland Copwatch, the uproar led Officer Shaw to "meet with Chief Foxworth to apologize for the presence of the gorilla doll."

"Portland Police Officers Who Hospitalized College Student Have Controversial History"
December 28, 2010
The Skanner

"Can you see me now?"
November 28, 2003
Portland Tribune

Delenikos: One of PPB's Premere Sadists 12.Jan.2011 21:35


PPB Officer Matt Delenikos is a heartless, knuckle dragging, arrogant bully who clearly enjoys his power and authority - and enjoys it nearly as much as beating otherwise defenseless people (such as those in handcuffs) to a pulp. Delenikos, one of PPB's premiere sadists, so gets off on it all. Heavy steroid use in Delenikos case should not surprise anyone, either. Delenikos is also the PPA VP for Central Precinct, where he has been assigned for years.

Go downtown sometime and look for the most swaggering, aggressive looking cop you can find - with a sneer on his face, his uniform shirt sleeves rolled up (for maximum forearm muscle display) and a PPB ball cap worn at an angle. Giant chip on his shoulder and a very bad temper. Prefers to use gloves when administering beatings. That's Delenikos.

Shaw has struck again 04.Apr.2011 13:17

My son

Shaw used excessive force on my son. My son was the passenger in the car that was pulled over by Shaw. My son has clean record, no arrests or even a speeding ticket, not even a jay walking ticket. They beat him pretty bad. Get this, he wasn't arrested for anything. He picked the wrong kid this time. We have several friends that are cops,one is a chief, also the kid that they pulled over was the son of a Portland Police officer, he too can vouch for my son's respect of law inforcment. Yes, the kid that was pulled over was African American and my son is white. This is going to stop. I am tired of hearing about all of this. So many innocent people have gone to the hospital because of this office Shaw. The Portland Tribune wrote " Shaw sent more people to the hospital than any other officer in the roughly two year period between fall, 2004 and October 2006". Look up the article from "The Skanner" on December 28th 2010 involving Daniel Collins.