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Portland police officer Jason Lile, violence in past, present.

Two past incidents of violent behavior from officer Jason Lile casts doubt on police account of his latest act of violence: shooting to death a homeless man in SE.

For a (not very good) picture and info about other Portland cops, see G2KPDX.com
Officer Jason Lile and officer Larry Wingfield shot and killed a homeless man on January 2, 2011. They say he had a knife. There were no witnesses.

In April, 2003, officer Jason Lile beat up an attorney and her friend who were watching a traffic stop downtown. The two were charged with resisting arrest and interference with a police officer. The charges were dropped and instead the attorney and her friend sued and won $50,000.

On May 3rd, 2003, officer Lile and another cop were observed taking a man into custody downtown, and ended up beating and tasering an onlooker who had said something to the cops, but then walked away, being tasered in the back and then jumped, and repeatedly tasered and beaten, by 6 cops. And, of course, was charged with resisting arrest and interference with a police officer. Both charges were thrown out in court.

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Wingfield 12.Jan.2011 21:47


PPB Officer Wingfield was a security guard at the Lloyd Center Meier & Frank before starting his PPB career. Now he has graduated to be big leagues and taken a human life. A medal for heroism and a promotion should be coming next.

Funny how the DA has NEVER indicted any PPB cop for using deadly force. Seems PPB is right 100% of the time when they kill people; PPB never makes mistakes. Especially when there are no independent witnesses and the victim is deceased. The only voices left belong to the executioners...

my cops friends laughted at 12.Jan.2011 22:04


when he cut his hair down to stubble and sought to shave it and left razor nicks all
over his head...what a bloody mess they laughted...sounds like a DA (as in dumbass)