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9.11 investigation

More and more professionals are coming out for 9-11 truth

here's a list:
Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth

Pilots for 9/11 Truth

Firefighters for 9/11 Truth

Medical Professionals for 9/11 Truth

Lawyers for 9/11 Truth

U.S. Military Officers for 9/11 Truth

homepage: homepage: http://jpaulson.blogspot.com

Pictures of Damage to Building Seven 12.Jan.2011 17:02

Conspiracy Theory Buster

Ask yourself why 911 Conspiracy Theorists never show you this picture?



Clearly you can see damage to the building that would cause it to fall. I wish people in the government and media would do a better job of combating these internet conspiracies. It's so easy. Here's a great site: conspiracyscience.com. If you scroll down and look on the left they have a section dedicated to September 11th. You can get all the facts you need to debunk 9-11 conspiracy theories right there!

These silly conspiracies do nothing but cause people to act in a self-debasing irrational manner. People stop!

no dude 12.Jan.2011 17:45


Come on you know the gov is responsible and also didn't you see a few posts ago on Indymedia, the Tuscon shooter was part of a government mind control experiment. Everything is a conspiracy.

Breaking News on Economic Collapse and 9-11 12.Jan.2011 17:56

Phil Donahue and Alex Jones

Dutch television breaks the story on the imminent economic collapse and 9-11 conspiracy!<br>
<a href=" link to www.youtube.com
Be afraid! Be very afraid...<br>

Breaking News on Economic Collapse and 9-11 12.Jan.2011 18:00

Phil Donahue and Alex Jones

Dutch television breaks the story on the imminent economic collapse and 9-11 conspiracy!<br>
<a href=" link to www.youtube.com
Be afraid! Be very afraid...<br>

It's Just Silly To Think 19 People With Box Cutters Did All That 12.Jan.2011 19:33


Political orientation has nothing to do with this.

Buildings #1 and #2 did not fall, they exploded. In fact #2, which came down first, began to topple and then the top half just disintegrated in mid-air. I called it the Alka Seltzer effect. The whole thing was impossible without some kind of explosives, obviously. And you would think building #7 would have fallen in the direction of the side that was damaged, not straight down.

Nothing that happened that day made any sense.

theory buster 12.Jan.2011 19:34


Personally, I'm getting pretty tired of ignorance of facts regarding 9/11. There was only one tower that had a token chance to fall as it did. The other, its damage confined to one side and likely without major damage to the central core, and the section above the damage observed toppling sideways until some magic correction, stretches most explanations beyond their limit.

You've pretty obviously never worked in construction, or if you have, you've never worked on steel-framed buildings. They aren't the space shuttle, with no compensation factors, as that only adds excess to an already difficult task which might make that task impossible.

Buildings are designed: a) with generous overfactors strength-wise along with generous redundancy, and b) that structural damage to building 7 wasn't much more than superficial. There are all kinds of theories regarding the reason Building 7 came down, but I guarantee you that no structure built in that manner will come straight down into little more than its own footprint at little more than free-fall time with damage that is confined to a corner and maybe two sides. Take some Jenga blocks and create a structure, or some dominoes. Even though these are not connected together to slow the fall, as the steel frame in this building was, try to take out a corner and get it to come down within an area that is relative to the circumference that is little more than its base. Once you've done that, come back here and offer your horseshit opinion. Even NIST can't reasonably explain much of the observed characteristics, and what they have offered has been more than successfully challenged by architectural engineers using math, not myth, the structural drawings, and something called 'physics'. Ever heard of physics? The NIST report doesn't seem to approach the problem of unequal loads that these failures presented to observation of the actual damage event. Maybe if you'd visit some sites and do some real reading, you'd get some grasp of the situation beyond your obviously unhumble opinion.

By the way, if your opinion is educated, why don't you post something that supports it? And, please, don't suggest the NIST report or the Popular Science cover-ups. NIST's is guesswork science, and Popular Mechanics lost all credibility with it's offering. Neither befit an informed opinion. Neither offer anything more than their version of the conspiracy. According to them, the steel conspired to bring about the outcome.

psychophysics 12.Jan.2011 19:52


Dear Mr. Shaker,

There is an video of the plane crashing into the second building.
Assume (for the sake of argument) that someone is waiting in order to detonate an explosive device at the moment of impact.
According to reaction time psychophysics this is almost impossible because of the time of perception and neuronal transmission.
It is most probable that the device would be detonated about 30 to 40 millseconds before impact.
If you can look at the video closely.

ok 12.Jan.2011 20:01


Please explain how Popular Science "lost all credibility" with it's examination of the collapse.

If you think it is unlikely that 19 people with boxcutters did it, you should also realize that a massive conspiracy involving 3 hijacked planes, crashed into buildings which had previously been laced with explosives, is also a bit unlikely.

Experiment 12.Jan.2011 20:48

Maalox the Confounder

Go outside on a calm day when its not too windy. Set up some bricks in the shape of the two towers. Now take two pair of sticks and tie them together in the shape of an X or cross simulating two airplanes with wings. Now hold the sticks in your hand and lean in real tight and throw them as hard as you can at the towers (bricks) you have setup. You should hit the towers hard enough to make them wobble but not come down. Now go pour gasoline on the bricks 45 minutes later and light them on fire. You don't know nothing bout construction, man.