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How to beat sonic/RF based weapons

A lady from my CODEPINK newsgroup posted this ... I (Jody Paulson, longtime PDX indy reader) personally have been (and continue to be) targetted with the same kind of weapon.
Hi folks,

For the last several weeks, I have been bombarded with some form of radio or electromagnetic radiation inside my home. I know that other activists have been singled out for this type of torture in their homes by the Feds and this Christmas I was one of the lucky winners. The first week was easy for them because my husband was going to Florida to deal with his ailing mother, which my little friends surely knew and scheduled their fun and games around. So I was alone in the house.

These fools obviously forgot whose daughter I am. I know technology. My father knows it, my grandfather knows it. Technology is in my blood. So this isn't going to be one of those wild eyed raving "ALIENS WITH TENTACLES OF THE MEDUSA WERE TRYING TO ABDUCT MY GOLDFISH" messages - I know exactly who was responsible for this torture and in general terms that it was simple electromagnetic energy directed at me in my house.

One of the more fiendish things about these weapons is that extended exposure *can* cause mental instability. People whom the government are desperate to discredit are the ones often targeted for this loving attention. Firstly, it is torture, and that alone causes mental instability; but this stuff also quite literally can cook your head pretty bad if you're around it long enough. It is not good for you physically, and I also developed a chronic cough during this time period.

Two weapons were in use. One had a limited range and very bad physical effects such as extreme fatigue, dizzyness, tingling or numbness. The other was just a high frequency sonic noise that would intensify at night. It made it impossible to sleep. There also was probably an infrared surveillance tool in use to locate me within the house - I tested this by moving around, even setting up a cot in the garage, but they still found me.

I am pretty sure I have located the source of "the zombifier", as I called the first weapon, but the sonic one was difficult to locate short of it coming from a particular side of the house. My husband and I are currently in the process of measuring what we can pick up and intend to triangulate locations if it continues.

Being a competent tech, I found some countermeasures which I will share here. The "zombifier", probably some form of microwave, can be blocked with enough metal between yourself and the source. The source has a limited range. The sonic weapon is more difficult but it too can be beaten.

The infamous "tinfoil hat" often cited when these weapons are in play will NOT work - there's a reason you don't put tinfoil in a microwave either. You need some solid metal and lots of it. In my case what I used were a bunch of covers for old PCs that I am fixing, and my husband's shield which he uses for medieval re-enactment.

The best solution, however, the one that forced them to stop using the weapons on me for lack of any further effect, was by either sitting on or sleeping on a professional quality static mat that I was issued at Sun Microsystems. I grounded myself to my metal bedframe and the effects went away almost immediately.

In the event that others here are targeted for this type of insidious torture, I hope what I have shared here helps. This is not magic or the produce of fevered, paranoid imagination. These weapons are real and in use against individual targets whom the Feds also try to isolate in other ways. The frequency (pardon the pun) with which they're being used of late means that consistent information about how these weapons work and how to defeat them is spreading.

This is torture. I should be surprised that someone in my government would do this to me, because I refuse to bend the knee to ANY tyrant? Oh please.

Learn from what worked for me. Be prepared in case it is used against any of you. Defy them. They can be beaten, and they will.

Best wishes for a New Year,


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