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Jobs With Justice - Rally for jobs at Congress offices in Portland

Estimated 50 people rallied in the rain outside of Sen Wydens and then they walked over to House Rep. Blumenauers office. The rally was to demand our congress to create jobs for the thousands of unemployed, and to keep jobs here "in America".
The rally was demanding No Free Trade in Korea and a demand for laborers and workers to be treated fairly and just. (With corporate responsibility.)
-demanding jobs the rally went inside Blumenauers office and delivered a petition of signatures
-security guard told a few of the protesters near the rear of the the group couldn't be inside the building?

-seen a few video cameras beside mine so .... video coming soon

Only one Problem 13.Jan.2011 10:09

J. David Cummings

Congress isn't a business, just how in the hell is congress going to create jobs.