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Tucson- Another Sirhan? Manchurian Candidate Theory Holds Water

It's all so timely....too timely.
How convenient that Tucson shooter Jared Loughner left a SIGNED note at home, with the words MY ASSASINATION and GIFFORDS scrawled on it. Sort of like the photoshopped pics Lee Harvey Oswald just happened to leave lying around his room depicting him holding the Manlicher Carcano. The first words out of his mouth were "Mind Control" this and "MK Ultra" that. He appears to be the perfect candidate to be a patsy and take the fall for virtually every belief and movement that opposes the present direction of the Government. He smokes pot. He's a 911 Truther. He believes in a Global NWO, He belives in the 2nd Amendment, He likes Heavy Metal, He has long hair, He's a skinhead, He's making crazy faces for the camera, he thinks the govt. and MSM are in cahoots to brainwash us, He read Nazi websites, He also originally showed up at the supermarket with a second person, who drove him there. The FBI just "cleared" him yesterday, claiming he was just a cabdriver who drove him there from "a short distance away". He was caught on store video following the shooter in, "to get the cabfare" from Loughner, who needed change. Odd thing is, no one ever reported Loughner showing up in a taxi. But someone saw him get out of a vehicle-that was reported immediately after the event. Having the FBI say it as no big deal is SOP n this type of operation. Case closed. Oswald did it. Loughner did it on his own. But where did a broke-ass loser with no job get $500 to buy a truly deadly weapon, and who taught him how to shoot 20 people in a few seconds? Another famous Manchurian was John Lennon's assassin, Mark David Chapman. His background reeked of mental unstability and military conections. He had met Lennon previously also. Hinckley, who shot Reagan, had previous close family connections to the GHW Bush family. The amazing 911 birthday of the 9 year old child that was killed is a cosmic clue that there is more to this story than meets the eye. But there are so many avenues for distraction here that any real study is almost impossible. But this event is a black-op dream as far as demonizing a huge segment of Americans that are wary of almost everything our "leaders" have been up to lately. "Tone down the rhetoric" can easily become misconstrued to mean "Shut your mouth if you got a beef with it all". I'm sure Loughner will fade away down the McVeigh rabbit hole without divulging any real insight. Another "Lone Nut" for the history books.

ok 11.Jan.2011 21:54


Ok, you can make some random insult about me, and speculate about whether or not a supposed cabbie did or did not have change. I will accept that. It is the price you pay for being on the internet.

That does not, however, give any credibility to a fucking mind control experiment, do you understand? You still have no evidence of any such conspiracy. Zero. None.

The fact that certain elements of the situation do not seem to add up to you, does not make your theory any more valid without evidence to support it. This is basic rational thought.

If you do not understand how absurd that jump of reasoning is, you are just as crazy as the shooter.

what 12.Jan.2011 09:40


I don't know about interesting, but that polar bear picture is awesome.

He's already got a lawyer to defend him in Federal Court 13.Jan.2011 13:43

Jody Paulson

I don't think it was an accident that Federal Judge Roll was one of the victims. His death ensures he will be tried in Federal Court, which takes precedence over state and local jurisdictions. And he's had his lawyer all set up for him from the very beginning: Judith Clarke, who represented Timothy McVeigh, "Unabomber" Ted Kaczynski, and assisted in the case of "9-11 conspirator" Zacarias Moussaoui (There's been speculation that all three of these men may have been victims of "mind-control").

ok 13.Jan.2011 13:55


So now the conspiracy gets bigger, involving the intentional, planned murder of a federal judge? How does that even remotely make sense?

Killing a member of congress is already a federal offense.

Bullets couldn't have done that damage - it was an inside job 13.Jan.2011 14:52


Explosives were set in her brain prior to the "shooting" by zionists. Don't fall for the official story.