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Can't Keep Up With Demand

US forced to import bullets from Israel as troops use 250,000 for every rebel killed
Read more:  link to www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk

By the numbers...A likely estimate of 250,000 bullets per 'rebel'? Hell, I don't believe that I'm worth that mucbh. But I'm surprised that Israel has any to spare.

You can have them for wholesale! 10.Jan.2011 16:04


The IDF seems to have found high velocity tear gas canisters to be a suitable substitute for bullets.

Considering that death and maiming by use of bullets aimed at civilians bears a certain association with premeditated belligerency and vicious, deadly intent, there is plausible cover claim for accident, tragic fluke, with no intent whatsoever to kill and maim when casualties are achieved with the firing of high velocity tear gas projectiles at "the other". Perceptions of asymmetric brutality are thus ameliorated and blurred. After all, everyone knows that tear gas is "less lethal" and its deployment merely a benign, mechanical process -- and accidents do occur. "Oh, Ali is in a coma after being smacked between the eyes with a high velocity tear gas canister? Well, you know, it's risky going to those wild demonstrations. It's just lucky that they weren't using live ammunition."

The unneeded bullets, then -- likely procured through or by dint of funds derived from one of the manifold channels of perpetual U.S. grant aid -- are available to be sold to the U.S. What a deal!