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if the u.s. govenment were filtering the internet, how would we know?

a comment made on a previous reposting here made me put some thought into internet censorship...here's the resulting post...
If the government of the u.s. decided to filter internet content, just like the chinese government does - with the cooperation of numerous american tech corps - how would we know?

here is an interesting reply to a posting i forwarded to indymedia -

What They Don't Want You to Know?

... 08.Jan.2011 16:09
Tracy Mapes

 news1st@hotmail.com link

I'm Going with this as a Primary Cause. Baxter Pharmaceutical Bio Research

After Posting the Information Available from the Fish and Wildlife Services on Viral Hemorrhagic Septicemia which has been linked to several Select Species Fish Kills over the United States, Has Pulled all of the Page Links, Photo Links, and Redirected them to the Main Homepage.

The Viral Agent is listed as Surface Contamination which is consistent with Reports of Aerial Spraying in both the 500 Birds Killed in Beebe, Arkansas and the Ukraine Hemorrhagic Pneumonia that was tied in some media to H1N5 and Baxter Pharmaceutical Bio Weapons Research.

Below is the Info I could retrieve from Google Cached Pages. You can See For Yourself that they pulled All of the Links to the Public Paid for, Non Classified Information related to Fish Kills and Viral Hemorrhagic Disease.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service ... Fish Kill

ALL PAGES LINKS PICTURES DISABLED and Redirect to FWS Home Page with 24 Hours of being Posted.

Baxter Pharmaceuticals, first attached to H1N5 variant Ukriane Hemorrhagic Pneumonia*

*Commonalities? ... Respiratory Distress, Bleeding and Destruction of Lungs. Reported Burnt Lung Tissue.

Both Reported in EU Times and Ukrainian Incident? ... Suspected use of some Chemical Aircraft Release.

Map of Baxter Pharmaceutical Location and Effected Area Plot Map. Curious? ...


Ukraine Connection? ...
link to nwoobserver.wordpress.com

Use of Aircraft Implicated

link to www.eutimes.net

Ukraine: US Operated Aircraft in Ukraine


Commonalities in Fish Kill seem to point to
Viral Hemorrhagic Septicemia

link to cc.bingj.com

********** Must have hit a Nerve? Because I posted this Federal Fish and Wildlife Page Article on a Craigslist Chatboard - and within 24 hrs. the Page has been redirected to the FWS Homepage and All Links Referring to the Fish Kills and the Virus have been broken.

But due to Google Cache Pages, you can read the Article at the Above Link. Still? ... All of the Cache Page Link have been redirected to the Fish and Wildlife Service Homepage and All Link to the Fish Kill photos on the Page have been disabled.

Here is Another Fish and Wildlife Service Page that has been Disabled in the Last 24 Hours, but is Still found on Google's Cache Page. Again with All Page Link Broken or Re-Directed back to the Fish and Wildlife Service Home Page.

link to cc.bingj.com

The Above Document produced by US Fish and Wildlife states that the Virus "Appears to be a Surface Contaminant" which would be consistent with Aerial Spraying Theories. (Contrails).

Commonalities of All Mentioned Disease? Hemorrhagic Consequence.

Whatever it is? ... They don't want You to know about it.

This Fish/Bird Kill Thing? ...

... may have been the catalyst for this weekends big event.

The AZ Distraction. (Shooting)

I would put the reaction of the Fish and Wildlife Service pulling all material on Fish Kills as a serious breach of ethics.

That Information was gathered with the People's Money. It is not Classified. Watch Pure Censorship in action and Take Notes. If You don't think they have the Horsepower to do it? Guess Again.

Also See Pat Tillman Abu Ghairib, Fort Hood.

Take Care,

Tracy Mapes

according to my site's stats, the story about mass animal die-offs is of immense interest to people nout there in cyberspace.

i'm not willing to believe that there is one, specific cause of these events, however there does seem to be one culprit profile, and that is of a massively wealthy and politically influencial corporate entitiy. these are the people who can assert themselves in the media, either directly - through advertismensts and infommercials - or indirectly - through massive infusions of money, pressed into the right hands.

this is an issue of grave concern for the few people in the u.s. who give a shit about their rights - not as spelled out in any legal document, but their BIRTHRIGHTS, as living beings in a world over-flowing with life.

just how far is obama willing to go in order to shut wikileaks down? the rightwingnut mediahawks are united in their anger over wikileaks publishing secret u.s. government documents, and the obama administration is pushing its campaign against wikileaks and julian assange to ridiculous heghts. the furor by these forces of reactionary rage over the act of publishing the documents has all but drowned out any discussion about the CONTENTS of said documents.

the obama/mediahawk backlash against wikileaks could be used as a ruse to initiate tight control of the internet in the u.s.

in this blog jobsanger, the author states in a post made on 12/9/10:

A few days ago the website called WikiLeaks released many U.S. State Department documents, and are in possession of thousands more which will probably also be released. Any names that are sensitive (and might put someone in danger) have been redacted, and no government official has been able to give a single instance where anyone's life was put in danger or the country's security was compromised. While this information was "classified", it really shouldn't have been.

Most U.S. politicians and government officials are quick to claim that the United States is a free and open country. I wish that was true. In a free and open country the people have a right to know what their government is doing. They need to know this so they can make an informed decision when they go to the polls to vote. Voters can't be expected to make good decisions when information is kept from them by the government, and any information not required to be kept secret because of a compelling national security matter should be made public.

Some politicians have labeled the head of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange (pictured), as a traitor. Some have even asked that he be put to death or put in prison. That is patently ridiculous. Mr. Assange has done a favor for the American people and should be given our thanks not hounded and vilified. He has struck a valuable blow for free speech and open government.

Since the release of some of these documents, we have seen several attacks on WikiLeaks. Amazon kicked the site off of their server. PayPal, MasterCard and VISA have cut them off. And EveryDNS has refused to translate their organizations address into an IP address (which is necessary for anyone to find them on the internet). This is an effort to drive them off the internet and silence their website, and it was done because of pressure from the United States government.

When he was campaigning for president, Barack Obama promised to have a more open and transparent government than previous administrations. It doesn't look like he really meant that. The efforts by his administration to shut up WikiLeaks and kick it off the internet is nothing less than an effort to censor the internet something that should never happen under any circumstances.

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