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Radix Media partners up with Decipher Films on "Maximum Tolerated Dose"

We're happy to announce that we're partnering up with Decipher Films on the release of their first feature length film, "Maximum Tolerated Dose"!
The film charts the lives of both humans and non-humans who have experienced animal testing first-hand. From the hauntingly honest testimony of scientists and lab technicians who's ethics demanded they choose a different path, to the simultaneously heartwarming and heartbreaking stories of animals who have seen both sides of the cage, MTD aims to re-invigorate the debate about animal testing by bringing these rarely-heard perspectives to the fore.

Decipher Films is a production house that tackles animal issues through a different kind of documentary, that balances art and activism, beauty and ugliness, with the purpose of reaching those unfamiliar with the issues while at the same time serving as a resource for activists.

Check out their website ( link to decipherimages.com), and give 'em some love! They're currently in the midst of fundraising to complete the film and need all the help they can get. They're even offering sweet incentives. Support independent (and radical) filmmaking!

In solidarity,
Radix Media

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