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EZLN accused of recent political kidnapping

The Mayan communities of Chiapas and their supporters in "The Other Campaign" are being accused of kidnapping a prominent right-wing Mexican politician (Diego Fernandez de Cevallos). An articulate denial of the kidnapping charges published in Spanish by the Zapatista movement argues that this accusation is another pretext for aggression in Chiapas. However this denial has been poorly circulated in English.
We ask you to please forward the link below of this new English translation of the Zapatista document as broadly as possible:


What's important is that everyone understand unequivocally that the Zapatistas just DIDN'T DO IT! The dangerous accusation that Zapatistas kidnapped Diego Fernandez de Cevallos compliments and deepens a significant increase in tensions throughout Chiapas.

"Schools for Chiapas" is seriously alarmed at the continuing aggressions against the autonomous, Mayan communities of Chiapas, Mexico and encourages all reasonable people to do what they can to stop the spread of these malicious, unfounded rumors and accusations.

The original Spanish language denial is published on the web page of Enlace Zapatista at:

 link to www.enlacezapatista.ezln.org.mx

The well-known center of Oventic, Caracol II, The Central Heart of the Zapatistas in Front of the World, has long been open for anyone to visit and speak with representatives of the movement. Today those representatives are in silence and preparing for new attacks against their communities.

Clearly the lies about Zapatista kidnapping which are being widely propagated in the media represent one such attack. From our personal experience with autonomous Mayan schools, we know that it is absurd to suggest that the Zapatista movement kidnapped El Jefe Diego. The accusation itself is written in a contradictory and blatantly fraudulent manner.

However the more a lie is repeated, the bigger and more powerful it becomes. Therefore, we ask you to help us stop this lie; we ask you to help us spread the truth and help protect the autonomous, indigenous communities of Chiapas, Mexico.

From Schools for Chiapas / Escuelas para Chiapas

More info:

A group calling itself "RED POR LA TRANSFORMACIÓN GLOBAL (GLOBAL TRANSFORMATION NETWORK)" had claimed responsibility for kidnapping the politician - their fairly well written statement on the kidnapping can be found here:  http://elenemigocomun.net/2010/12/epilogue-of-a-disappearance/

Since that time Diego Fernandez de Cevallos has been freed. He has said nothing publicly about who his kidnapper were, although he did mention that, as a "man of faith," he has "forgiven them."

For another article detailing the fraudulent nature of these allegations, see here:
 link to sipazen.wordpress.com