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Zerzan's Anarchy Radio: Caller Michael 01-04-2011

Issues brought up by caller Michael and the caller who followed. Zerzan and guests discuss the anti-drunk, anti-working class primitivist agenda.
28 minutes into the show.


Politically correct buzzwords are divisive as hell.

Do Green Anarchy primitivists really alienate "the working class"?

Are Green Anarchy primitivists completely against "agriculture"?

What is "working class"? Obviously not all "work" is noble.

By "working class" do people mean "wage slave labor" or people who "work for a living?"

By "working class" are we referring to troglodyte dumbass rednecks who rape the earth? Or does "working class" mean those who do menial labor because they fucking have to to survive?

By "working class" are we referring to people who do real important work like growing biodiverse non-gmo organ food and resources? people who do this sustainably such as permaculture organic biodiverse farmers living at least feeding their families? Who forage, hunt, and gather items for their home?

Is there any difference between "sustainable agriculture" and "permaculture?

This caller hits it on the nail about alcoholism, but unfortunately there's few buzz phrases people use while never articulating and clarifying what they mean. They mince words like the very polliticians they profess to hate.

To make a long story short. What kind results do you ever expect to get if you roam around drunk in black block drunken herds of spoiled idiots who have the inheritence, welfare or other luxuries not to work? Especially when it's as though it's almost mandatory you all wear the same gutterpunk costumes and operate in cliques? What kind of results do you ever expect to get if you follow they suggestions of crimethinc's debauchery and be "Non-monomogous" "poly-amorous"? A fucking slut is a fucking slut by any other name.

As someone who was raised by working class wage slave parents and suffered for it and not seeing this world as a safe place to personally bring children into, most of you people who identify yourselves as any kind "anarchist" or "communist" or left wingers, Zerzan disciples, most of his guests and most of his callers are fucking jokes who couldn't give a fuck about the "working class" families as far as I can see. You don't give a fuck about safe human habitat. You all seem to want "negative population growth". Just get on with your attempts of genocide if that's the way you feel instead of being so subtle about it.

I've heard Zerzan praise numerous times the drunken party animals in the neighborhood just outside of the University of Oregon campus. He doesn't seem to give a fuck about whether you get drunk off your fucking ass. I think he loves the drunken apes because that means you're more likely to recklessly risk getting thrown in jail committing some weird act of vandalism that he can read in his report next Tuesday at 7pm.

Radio Host 07.Jan.2011 09:19


This host sounds totally out of touch on the clip, dumb even. The female who chimed in with the uh's and incomplete thoughts had good points that were obliterated by her inability to articulate them. It's funny that Michael sees the national anarchist community as drunk and stupid and no one on here has commented on that fact. Only comment was by some dumb ass who thinks criticism of being drunk and stupid is about "forcing morality". No one is forcing shit, be a drunk, you have the power to remain powerless. Michael also said that the working class is the enemy of anarchism, what about that? I have noticed that the ones who identify as anarchists are white youth who are not the working class. Class warfare, anyone.