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Police and police supporters actively posting to PDX Indy Media

A link to a police/police supporter website, where they laugh about posting to PIMC.
Here's a link to a police/police supporter website where they laugh about posting to PIMC. While the post that they link to is pretty harmless, if stupid, it proves that police/police supporters/fascists post to PIMC with the intention of causing harm to the community. This is why all articles and accusations posted to PIMC should be taken with a grain of salt, and any articles or accusations should be backed up with proof.

 link to www.realpolice.net

Cowardly 06.Jan.2011 22:24

Damos Abadon koldphraust@hotmail.com

Pffft, fuck 'um. PIMC is an OPEN alternative media source that WELCOMES discussion & debate! The tea-bagging cop-lovers who long for fascism are well exposed when they come here, & they can come here & "engage" in debate whenever they want. Unlike their own safe haven private mb - or the WP/NS ones for that matter - ANYONE can come here. So let them come, if they've got nothing better to do.

...chortle... 06.Jan.2011 22:57

Granny M.

Anyone who regularly reads PDX-IMC (and I'm sure all other IMC sites) knows that trolls, with or without badge, read and post here. So what to do???
FIRST don't post anything you don't want read back to you in court, even if written in jest, hyperbole or satire. If you write it, be prepared to stand by it, no matter what.
SECOND since "they" are listening in, try to be both educational and a good advertisment/testimony for your/our point of view. While it might feel good to foam at the mouth and rant, might often be a moral imperative, screaming rage rarely evokes much more than a passing, "What an asshole..."
THIRD words: written, spoken (maybe even thought) have power, and in one way or another, once uttered, are indelibly scribed in the omniverse. Use them carefully, consciously, with empathy - and when the rage has become a moral imperative -