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Video: 65 Anarchist Protest Police Shootings and Killings in Portland 1.3.11

On Jan 3 2011 about 65 anarchist in Portland Oregon marched through the streets with a message to the police. In spite of the downplay and bad information indymedia was there to record what really happen and the message.
Stop Killing People - Anti Police Protest Jan 3 2011
Stop Killing People - Anti Police Protest Jan 3 2011
A 2 part video

The march started on NE 42 and went to NE 47th NE police precinct

The message and reason for this march is clear

Police Stop Shooting Portland Citizens

The downplay (only 25 protesters lie) in corporate media is typical
The mainstream /police down play as why this show of OUTRAGE needs to happen, and what the message was gets deliberately marginalized, to keep the status quo

(1) 1/3/11 Portland Anarchists marched 2 miles down the middle of the streets in Portland Oregon to show their disgust and outrage over all the police shoots and murder. The police shoot people and deaths is rising. The 65 Anarchists march past a bank and a couple of people leave their message on the front doors. The march continues, toward the police station with a few dumpsters blocking the street and loud chants directed at the police for killing citizens.

 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_c7KB2O-Av8 *PART 1

(2) 1/3/11 The Anarchists are marching up NE 47th street to the NE police station, the police arrive behind them in cars ordering them out of the streets. they continue chanting anti police violence chants and stay in the street. A few re-cycle bins and garbage cans tossed in the street for the police to drive around. The march walks on sidewalk in front of the police stations, chanting yelling and then disappears into the night... with 60 police all armed and standing around the front of their building.

 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QieSAJODJcg *PART 2


This was part 2 o 2 videos.
Documenting the people of Portland standing up publicly to our police force which is killing our citizens
Everyday of this new year they have shot someone.

homepage: homepage: http://www.joeanybody.com

yeah 05.Jan.2011 17:08


I especially liked the part where they dumped people's trash into the streets to "slow down the cops".

Translation: we are making a mess for no reason and using a shitty excuse as to why.

You seriously think those plastic bins slow cars down? i can clear those in my escort wagon. They aren't going to slow down a cop car.

Way to alienate the public and draw attention AWAY from what you are trying to raise awareness on.

effective 05.Jan.2011 18:41


Actually I was there and the trash bins were actually incredibly effective at holding back the cops. Sure it's nothing permanent but it did allow us to hold the streets with greater ease.

Nice Action 05.Jan.2011 20:10


I don't think throwing the recycling bins in the street was that big of a deal, at least from watching the video. Also the police seemed very measured in their response considering the level of disturbance. Good job by both parties and nice video. Hopefully Portland can figure out how to stop these deaths.