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Please post info on FBI expansion center being built in Portland

Yesterday on KBOO, I heard that the FBI are building a large, new center near the airport, and discussion that this false promise of "jobs" might condition us to allow more surveillance on citizens/residents and more violation of rights, at a location prime for transfer to foreign torture facilities and internal little gitmo-type prisons within prisons in each state. Near the same time I heard on KBOO or AM 620 Thom Hartmann how planes were used to dump bodies in the ocean of people tortured/murdered in Argentina. And I read that the FBI have portable observation/crowd control towers coming to Portland. Does this connect with alleged plans to build a larger bridge between Vancouver and Portland fit for large troop transport vehicles from Fort Lewis and Hanford Nuclear waste areas and eastern Oregon chemical weapons depot and predator drones? Or with the DEQ and EPA requiring Portland to waste money on unneeded water treatment plant and private contractors (CIA Torture contractor Bectell?) and non-accountable criminal militarized police so the city taxes cannot be used on civilian protections and emergency preparedness and self-sufficiency?
Please post any information you have about the alleged planned new large FBI center being built in Portland (by the airport?) in addition to the large new federal building on SW Main and 2nd, 1500 SW First, the Lloyd Center FBI building, the several alleged FEMA concentration camps nearby and Joint Terrorism Task Force, etc.

I don't see any mention of it in the local news, or Google, but in the past few years I've noticed that alarming info I see and copy-paste from some websites that I later go back to or click on the same web address that was used before does not result in the same info... or those websites or pages wihthin them are later removed. Or Google stops allowing access to, but I can find via other search engines for a while before they, too, fail. Or those websites suddenly became inaccessible. Or my computer has problems thereafter and the data will or won't save properly. Or the first many officials and other public servants I contact about such info first deny it exists or is a problem, then that they know anything about it, then that there is anyone who is appropriate to answer questions.... Or I get disconnected and then no answers when I call back. Or they later have to acknowledge the evidence, but give unbelievable explanations and act dismissive. Sometimes others are scapegoated and punished. But this only prompts more questions on my part.

Where else are FBI having office and surveillance and interrogation space? What is their public explanation for the new expenditures and construction? What will they use it for? What work will be done by whom on whom? What oversight do civilians have? Who is accountable how to whom? When will it be completed? Who pays whom? Whose money is taken and what projects/activities are then not allowed to pay for it?

Why can't we get official confirmation or denial? We can't we get city permit info on it via Development Services Center without a specific site address or general location such as intersection or tax ID number. (If the FBI actually are building something, and if they are honest and up front about it and if they are doing so under their own name etc and if .....) I don't see job listings for Portland via the FBI public webpage or via the Oregon Federal Jobs posting. Typically, psych ops or secret illegal operations against a local population do NOT include local people out of fear they/we might rebel or sabotage attacks against ourselves or our neighbors/family/friends, and also, typically, when plans are made against a region in the US, the National Guard from that area are shipped elsewhere or incapacitated. Why isn't the City or Mayor's office giving us info either way about it? Why isn't the FBI posting anything I can find on their global webpage  link to www.fbi.gov about it or via phone 503-224-4181 confirming or denying it?