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the Jerry Brown impeachment movement - now forming

the Jerry Brown impeachment movement - now forming
John Vale

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to for see what the Jerry Brown plan will be. (scare tactics)
He will threaten to cut police& fire service. lay off teachers and close hospitals.
then he will wait for public out cry(more like union out cry)
and then he will go about raising taxes to funs the Democratic
Pork Barrel Projects they desire.
this is one of the oldest tricks on the books. But the voters of this state where STUPID ENOUGH to
vote out the 2/3 thirds Majority so taxes will be going Way up no matter what.
the end result....Higher taxes...more businesses leaving the state. a lower standards of living for all.

just look what he did to Oakland

wrong state, conflicting ideology 05.Jan.2011 11:52

Exile portlander_in_exile@yahoo.com

preferring Meg Whitman perhaps?

Unfortunately, taxes have to go up. It's impossible to cut services much more, without causing a max exodus of working-class people to surrounding states. Unfortunately, the narrative's been changed, and it's not looking good for working class people everywhere at the moment.

What's needed, is a punishing tax on wealth. Unfortunately, that's not on the table.