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Monopoly on Violence

just kill all the weak, tired, the hungry, those yearning to be free. they are lowering my property values!!
Cop killa's! Killing all the home bums!
recent shooting
Punish the victim! Pain will set you free! look at christ! pain is good! pain leads to righteousness. This homeless man died for our sins
Why aren't these people housed and fed? I like the comment where one guy said "he's always asking me for spare change and [grumpy], he got what he deserved"
I agree, homeless people usually have core problems, like medical disabilities that are untreated and fester, causing missed work opportunities. Because there is no national health. They were usually abused as children, and ran away from the violence at home. Most turn to alcohol to self medicate, living on the streets is hell.
The first thing we try to do when we 'help' homeless+abused is we demand they suffer by taking away their pain/antidepressant medication (booze) & claim that all their problems are THEIR FAULT, and until they admit it is THEIR FAULT they were sexually abused and now traumatized: No one will help them.

Admit you deserved to be raped... then we'll talk. What a system!!!!!! The system asks you to bow down, and accept their authority, just like the abusive houses they came from. (which is why so many are hard headed. they are fed up with being told what to do, suck my dick sally, then clean your room, OR ELSE) Wow, just like mom use-ta make. Raped by your parents, then raped at jail, How does this help the abused? It's so f'ing sick.
go get stats on mental health folks (if you can!) the majority were raped, then when they cry out in agony we lock them up and fill them full of tranquilizers. and the abusers usually walk.

so put them out of their misery. THIS IS WHAT WE DO TO POOR, OPPRESSED AND ABUSED. i CHALLENGE ANYONE TO FACTUALLY DISPROVE THE MAJORITY OF HOMELESS ARE NOT FROM BROKEN HOMES / ABUSED AS CHILDREN. PROVE ME WRONG, BECAUSE i AM RIGHT. DITTO FOR MENTAL INSTITUTIONS. tHEy are full of women who were sexually abused as children, often by parents or family members. Are they 'crazy' because they were raped by their dads as children? Id' say their reactions ARE NOT pathological, but completely sane, and rational given the circumstances. Do we offer free counseling and housing and support? no, we shoot them. Is this a great country or what? After all, we wouldn't want any of these rape victims getting a 'free ride' lazy welfare queens. Sounds like an abusive enabler to me, the RIGHT WING is a classic enabler to violence, and systemic abuse. They are usually personal participants. Rush Limbaugh is classic. "well little sally, you shouldn't have dressed so sexy, daddy can't help his urges." Sounds just like rush right?? However we don't usually react the way we would if this was a little white girl that got shot. do we? DO WE?

BUT instead of helping/treating these people (it's hard to hold down a job when you're PTSD of all men, because you've been raped so much)
we let them on the streets, wait for them to cry,
then shoot them and call them unstable

I like how they call it 'legitimate violence'.
The monopoly on 'legitimate' violence (German: Gewaltmonopol des Staates) is the definition of the state expounded by Max Weber in Politics as a Vocation, which has been predominant in philosophy of law and political philosophy in the twentieth century.[citation needed]

It defines a single entity, the state, exercising authority on violence over a given territory, as territory was also deemed by Weber to be a characteristic of state. Importantly, such a monopoly must occur via a process of legitimation, wherein a claim is laid to legitimise the state's use of violence.

Max Weber said in Politics as a Vocation that a necessary condition for an entity to be a state is that it retains such a monopoly. His definition was that something is "a 'state' if and insofar as its administrative staff successfully upholds a claim on the monopoly of the legitimate use of violence in the enforcement of its order."[1]

According to Weber, the state is the source of legitimacy for any use of violence.[citation needed] The police and the military are its main instruments, but this does not mean that only public force can be used: private force (as in private security) can be used too, as long as it has legitimacy derived from the state.