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Message From Coffee Strong G.I. Coffe House

Coffee Strong is a veteran-owned and veteran-operated coffee shop outside of Fort Lewis, Washington, which since 2008 has provided a comfortable and safe atmosphere for veterans to share their experiences and find out about resources available to them.
September 2010 Interview with Member of Coffee Strong Coffeehouse
Coffee Strong provides free coffee, internet, concerts, movie screenings and other events to active-duty military personnel and their families, and acts as a meeting place for various organizations and support groups. It provides a place for veterans to socialize and relax in a safe atmosphere that also allows them to feel comfortable in seeking help if necessary.

In the past year, Coffee Strong has provided the following resources for the GI / veteran community:
Free, confidential counseling by a licensed therapist who is a veteran of Iraq;
G.I. rights counseling and advocacy for active-duty service members on Fort Lewis;
Weekly veterans' benefit assistance by experienced Veteran Service Officers.
Access to information and resources available to veterans within the local community; The New Website Coffee Strong for updates and connections to assistance.

Coffee Strong also acts as a hub for veteran activism, providing a place for interested veterans to speak out about the realities of the wars, address veteran issues, and pursue social change. Modeled on similar GI coffeehouses during the Vietnam War, it is a place where all veterans can feel free to share their opinions without fear.

These are difficult times for businesses to survive, especially nonprofits.

Coffee Strong needs your help in order to continue to provide much needed resources to our soldiers and veterans.
September 2010 Interview with Member of Coffee Strong Coffeehouse

homepage: homepage: http://www.coffeestrong.org.