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What a ReA1 Revolution looks like

What an actual REAL functional, working revolution would look like.
An actual revolution would be people 'legaly' obtaining enough land to feed their families, with a surplus.
When all the people who want revolution put their money where their mouth is they will own their own shelter (not rent slaves)
and provide for the bulk of their own food.

Then when they want to 'proselytize' that will involve giving out books/education & surplus food. The education and surplus food will allow others to liberate themselves from bonds of debt-servitude & will be able to repeat the cycle of accumulating wealth (land) and providing from themselves.
Many people say they don't want to work for the large corporation that enslaves them. Yet they don't want to quit either because they are dependant on corporations for food & shelter!!!

And a GENERAL STRIKE won't balance that equation. Corporations will still hold our housing rights, and primary food production. And they will withold those NEEDS until we resume work. All the community gardens in portland would barely provide for one small chunk of portland. (like ladds)
industrialization is the problem, rural agrification is the answer.

so up your hat all you silly willys. check yourself before you wrex yourselves

NOT TO MENTION :: farmers if subsistence wouldn't be taxed (much if anything at all, providing you had no income (<$5,000) TO tax)
and there would be no taxes for foreign wars!
banking collapse wouldn't affect anyone who owned their home and food! (+/-)
and you wouldn't even have to think of a creative slogan or get cold protesting
and you wouldn't be wasting your time either, because you'd be working for YOU.