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The Cold War strategy we used to defeat the USSR = Is now defeating US!

The strategies used in the 60's, 70's and 80's are now (inadvertently?) tearing the US apart at the seams.
One of the main strategies used to defeat the USSR, besides MAD: was a slow death, a grinding economic drain- with the face of West & East Berlin. Although I doubt the US would even readily admit to it now. The US at great expense air-lifted in The American lifestyle to West Berlin, in what amounted to a contest of wills, and strength, with the USSR. Stymied in Afghanistan the Soviet Union was bleeding more money than it could generate, for years: in the arms race, primarily. And I think at many levels statisticians, and US officials likely knew that the breakneck economic pace the US could generate under a capitalist system would crush even the strongest communist/socialist one w/ slow steady growth, and high-employment. I will admit the USSR had some pretty fucked up logistical systems too, but were keeping from getting too technical here. American creativity played a huge part as well, but the explosive creativity released in the 60's, which probably had a wonderful vivifying effect for general American culture: I doubt will ever be properly recognized.
Stretched out in CUBA and possibly south asia as well their budget was likely strained.

And eventually the USSR would grind down trying to keep up, and eventually it did. IMO _>

Communism might have worked had it not been trying to keep up with the US. Who knows, or cares really; I'm happy to live here.
Point would be -> It would seem that the US is in a similar position now, stretched out in Iraq (still?), and Afghanistan. Maintaining bases all over the world, including various agency budgets, more than half the US budget is in 'Defense' spending, and were what.. 60% in the red for this year alone??? OH HOLY FUCK!

It's almost as if the only possible explanation is were are being taken down from within- ON PURPOSE. By some foreign agency, or cabal.
Occums Razor, it is almost the only rational explanation. Why else would we be purposely acting consistently for DECADES against our own interests AT HOME & ABROAD?

think on this one droogie
The benefits of "in the interest for providing in the general welfare of the people" are confusing today, vague and immeterial.
The definition of "in peoples welfare" seems to have become VERY DIRTY, yET thAt is our governments' . . STATED PURPOSE IN THE FIRST PLACE?
I'm Not gonna beat a dead horse here. The only welfare the governments been providing to ANYONE is corporate these days.