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Democracy or Dictatorship?

We live in a world that has long passed the ability to produce adequate food, clean water, shelter and health care for all, but see people dieing all around from treatable conditions.
Does anyone think that the condition that we're in represents the will of the majority of the people in the world?

The truth is that we live under the dictatorship of the capitalist class. We have nothing but "democracy" theater. We have $elections not elections. Unless you're rich, or at the very least friendly to the rich, you stand no chance at getting $elected to a meaningful office. Even if you did find a way somehow to get $elected you'd be forced to do the will of the masters by the forces of the capitalist system. If you want goods to be produced, you will do what the capitalist class tells you to do. They get to choose whether or not goods even get produced at all, and if there isn't enough profit in it for them those goods will not get produced. If you stray too far away from what they deem to be acceptable they will use their elevated $tatus to crush you, usually before you even have a chance to be $elected.

Capitalism is a system and its nature can be known. A part of the nature of capitalism is that capitalists must expand or die. Capitalists who are not willing and able to exploit the Earth and its inhabitants to the maximum degree possible will be pushed aside by ones who will. Labor is the only thing that produces wealth, and under capitalism that wealth is concentrated in the hands of those capitalist families who, through the years, have been the most ruthless in their exploitation. Here in the frontyard of the empire this goes all the way back to the days of chattel slavery and the theft of the land of the Native peoples. The capitalist class here in the frontyard is still riding this wave of wealth and resulting elevated $tatus that was achieved then. America is not the world's lone superpower because people here have worked harder than people elsewhere. That's nothing but a myth. America is the lone superpower because the capitalist class here have been the most ruthless in their exploitation of the Earth and its inhabitants.

The capitalist dictatorship is rooted in the fact that individuals are allowed to own the means of production. Through that ownership, and all that flows from it, they get to shape society largely to their liking. They control the flow and price of goods, even the goods that are required of people to survive, but that's simply the body of their dictatorship. One arm that grows out of that body is their overwhelming $control$ of the public opinion-molding machine (TV, newspapers, textbooks, etc... everything that a society looks to when judging what is "normal"). By controlling what people see as "normal" they can play on our natural fears as social animals who do not wish to stray so far away from "normal" as to risk the ability to secure our survival and/or being shunned by our friends and family. Of course there are those who've cast aside that fear, and we generally call these people revolutionaries, and the capitalist class calls them terrorists.

Under chattel slavery, the slaveowners had to take into account that they couldn't starve slaves to death and had to give them the bare minimum that it would take to secure their survival, and the ability to work and willfully reproduce more people in their social situation (those who own little to no means of production). Little has changed today except that the whips that're driving you to do the will of the capitalists are just the whips of hunger and of necessity.

Even if you can clearly see their mechanisms, you're still forced to do their will. If you want to survive and live with dignity you're forced to enter into an exploitative relationship with a capitalist for 8+hours a day. Otherwise you'll feel the force of their pomm, society will shun you. And if by some way you find a way around all of their other mechanisms, and you're not doing their will, or are posing a threat in any way to their power, you'll then feel the other arm of their dictatorship, which is their ability to form, arm, and command forces who will serve their interests.

The truth is that democracy cannot exist while society is divided into classes. One class or another will rule. Under capitalism, the government holds no power in itself and are simply the $elected spokespeople and agents for the capitalist class. The Obomber was $elected by the capitalists because they felt, in the face of growing resistance, that he would be the best spokesperson for them towards their end of maximizing profits. Liberals play a key role in their "democracy" theater by channeling people's righteous outrage into ideology that stands no chance whatsoever for our liberation. Regardless of liberal delusions, there will never be a time when the minimum wage is $20 an hour but the price of goods remains the same. However, liberals allow the capitalist class to dispense a few more crumbs when they feel it is necessary. Of course they'll just push different buttons to take those crumbs away again, either here in the frontyard, or they'll extract them from elsewhere in the world.

I'm obviously painting things with a broad brush here. To really dig into these things properly I'd need to type a book. I'm just hoping to stimulate discussion on these critical matters. If you want to solve a problem you have to dig up the roots, and the capitalist dictatorship is rooted in the fact that individuals are allowed to own the means of production. What do you believe that we should do to start digging? Do you deny that we live under the dictatorship of the capitalist class? Let's hear your case.

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