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A Series of Shock Slogans and token Tantrums

The Feeding of 5000
An incredible series of essays originally published as a zine/pamphlet inserted into Christ the album : by crass
sorry I cant get the full text at this time {probably have it in storage somewhere}
It is very much worth seeking out and reading, it is foundational for many modern punks, and informative, educational, inspirational etc. =-= seems impossibly hard to find. will work to post/scan personal copy but CB months. AnyHelpers?
Publisher: Exitsencil Press (1982)

Text from the Exitstencil Press Site

Crass by name, even worse by nature, like
it or not, they just won't go away. Crass
are the distempered dog end of rock 'n roll's
once bright and vibrant rebellion. That they're
so unattractive, unoriginal and badly balanced
in an uncompromising and unhumourless way, simply
adds to the diseased attraction of their naively
black and white world where words are a series of
shock slogans and mindless token tantrums to tout
around your tribe and toss at passers by. (From the back cover of the book, article by Steve Sutherland, Melody Maker)

This book was first published in leaflet form as part of Christ-The Album in 1982 and re-printed in 1983. It contains three separate essays all of which deal with the individual and their basic right to freedom and peace. This book, written by three members of CRASS, gives an insight into much of the thinking of the "punk generation" which, contrary to the media portrayal of punk as mindless and violent, is both caring and articulate.

A Series of Shock Slogans... back cover

The first essay is a pocket history of the peace movement from its roots in the "beat culture" of the late '50s to the "punk explosion" of '77. Woven into this history is the story of Wally Hope, a visionary anarcho-mystic whose untimely death as a result of brutal treatment in a psychiatry hospital becomes symbolic of the death of hippy "love and peace" and the birth of punk's raw anger.

The second shorter essay is more of a manual on how, if not to succeed, the victims of oppressive institutions can not only get by, but subvert and use to their own ends the tools of that oppression.

The third essay is a well documented twentieth century history of pacifism versus war. It not only creates a perspective of war against which the urgency of pacifist answers become obvious and necessary, it also offers practical and workable approaches by which this could be possible.

A series of shock slogans and mindless token tantrums booklet from Christ the Album

"Do they owe us a living YES THEY DO YES THEY DO! do they owe us a living? YES THEY FUCKING DO!"
"bIG A Little a BouNcING B. the systems gonna getcha but they won't get me. 1,2,3,4!"

homepage: homepage: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YIdcDL64KCE