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Jesus as Savior Model Doesn't Work for Sinners Who Sin and Let Jesus Take the Heat

Humans often feel helpless about their own nature, especially its compulsive self-interest. A Savior can "magically" absolve them of sin by dying for them in a way that, while it is indeed magical, is very real to millions of people. It's a kind of Alcoholics Anonymous model. I am powerless, even if I do not suffer from one of the common addictions.
It is not nature in her inmost self, but the human ego, which divides and chooses this side over that, me and the "other," us and them, pro-Israeli/pro-Palestinian; pro-Christian/pro-Muslim, Shia and Sunni, pro-capitalism/pro-socialism. If we can instead look within ourselves with complete honesty and accept all that we see, the light and the dark, then we can begin to accept others and ourselves together as part of a larger oneness-a teaching that saves.

Winslow Myers, the author of "Living Beyond War A Citizen's Guide," lives in Boston and serves on the Board of Beyond War (www.beyondwar.org).

to read Winslow Myers' article published in www.buzzflash.com 12/25/2010, click on


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eh 28.Dec.2010 14:30


just do some LSD
it's WAAAAAAAY quicker route to enlightenment
then you can spend your days enjoying sunshine, and making music
forget lecture world. lecture world is boring!
the old man hit his head
couldn't get up to tell the morning!

ps, i hear they are even doing acid test GED for those who have had trouble cutting it the 'regular' way to getting a diploma

re: the Jesus myth 30.Dec.2010 15:28


The problem with the Jesus myth is that it teaches us that we shouldn't fuck with someone who's well-connected. By the way, the assertion that both sides of a duality, e.g., capitalism-socialism, are equally problematic is problematic.