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Is America A Police State? The role of Psychiatry; Dr. Breeding

This is EXCELLENT material, It is broad and affecting us all, encroaching slowly: a new war on thought.
Even if you don't think this affects you, you'd better think again.
Because if it isn't ALREADY happening/happened to you. It is definitely happening to someone you know, work with, live near, or see every day asking for help with spare change.
preventative detention

Getting the word on this out is CRITICAL. It is a new battlefield. And it has been used against our best and brightest with zeal. I have met many awesome people. They are all locked up. What is wrong with the kids today you ask? They good/best ones are locked up (invisible) the others are drugged zombo'z. Also check out CRASS (punk) for inspiring related essays & music: you might need a moral booster after this one. ITS REAL!

You'd better run, run, run, run, run, run, run, run, RUN!

[Transcribed from Dr. Breeding's Vidie: just a taste, view full report @ youtube : "Is America A Police State? The role of Psychiatry; Dr. Breeding"]
psychiatry is a form of social control to suppress people who show undesired behavior
psychiatry is a mechanism of social control that operates outside of the criminal justice system (interfaced nowadays, but in principle)
psychiatry can come in even when there is a law not broken in a sense of legal statute
but theres some sort of implicit code of behavior that's considered unacceptable or undesirable
or else behavior is used as an excuse to deal with somebody where there's a power conflict within a family or institution
it's about control, it always has been
that's why coercion and force are the base of psychiatry

drugs are used to suppress and control behavior
electroshock stuff like that
involuntary commitment, inpatient commitment
outpatient commitment
the rhetoric is it's about medicine, it's about illness
in reality it's about control

a control dynamic.

kids in school that are considered out of control
bring in the drugs
bring them into control
bring them into control

"/ so they can pick up people that MIGHT be a threat
they can get a doctor to testify that person MIGHT be a threat
and they can pick her up, incarcerate her
and she is 'disappeared' : its the mental health bill"

homepage: homepage: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9UbcMHBUo9Y&feature=related

delete 28.Dec.2010 14:01


this scientology cult crap.

Doesn't Look Like Scientology At All! 28.Dec.2010 17:29


Psychiatry has been the actual father of Guantanamo detention. It could be Scientology, which s*cks. But probably not. As an atypical Asperger's survivor, Not-Dead-Yet person, I can tell you.

There are some good psychiatrists. And many very bad ones. They can do as they please (unless you make things incredibly expensive for them). The pathetic Scientology is the least thing they have to fear.

I couldn't find the Scientology 28.Dec.2010 17:56

Joe Anybody

Looks interesting to me
* don't delete

i see the common link 28.Dec.2010 23:51

Joe Anybody

I read the article

I see the common link now thanks.

I do like what the Dr. is talking about, and I wouldn't want to say, just because the Scientology group promotes say... (my own made-up example) "listen with an open mind to our fellow man". That I cant or wont "listen with an open mind to my fellow man".

I think by relating the connections and being aware of what and how Scientology operates, that when one is say ... listening to Dr Breeding a person could still learn or glean information, while being aware that Scientology is in the mix, and how the information can lend the opportunity for Scientology propaganda to seep in.

Not sure if --> delete <-- is the way I would recommend this comment be handled, I would think more of a "warning heads up this is related to Scientology" disclaimer and possible links for info as to why.

R.D. Laing and the Politics of Experience 01.Jan.2011 15:09


Laing said all this and more 50 years ago.