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a call for info on PPB's Sgt. Pete Simpson

KGW-TV at their website has identified the would-be killer-kop
as PPB Sgt. Pete Simpson of the 34-year old mentally ill man
wielding a machete and some distance away from Simpson when he
fired his gun.
WE need to know the following about Sgt. Pete Simpson:

.any info as to his membership in the Brotherhood of the Strong
.any info as to his abuse of steroids and/or other illegal drugs
.any info on usage of legal drugs that--in overdose--could compromise him
.any info on previous ABUSE OF POWER issues that have not been made public
.any info on previous questionable incidents involving him at PPB
.any other info that could possible be relevant to his moods, mental make-up
and attitudes, whether he's a Uber rightwing nutjob or Tea Party tipper,
etc. etc. that could or would explain his capacity to shoot first before
trying less-lethal means.

misleading 28.Dec.2010 12:11

not intended

(Brotherhood of the Strong) ?
unless you have facts to suggest, I would skip some of the bold assumptions.

I think you're confused 28.Dec.2010 12:20

read it again

The spokesperson is Pete Simpson