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WORK is calling for submissions

WORK is dedicated to celebrating the daily grind: white collar, blue collar, pink collar, sex work, food service, freelancing and more. See the WORK guidelines for submission tips  link to workmagazine.wordpress.com
WORK Literary Magazine seeks new creative non-fiction, essays, poetry, short fiction, interviews and art ... all on the theme of work.

Submit in three easy steps:
1) Attach your WORK document;
2) Type "Submission" in the subject line; and
3) Send email to workzine [at] gmail.com

WORK is dedicated to the daily grind. Please see our website at: workmagazine.wordpress.com

Previous WORK attendees include Matt Love, Doug Spangle, M.F. McAuliffe,
Ileanna Portillo, T. Luke Strahota, Jonathan Harris, Sean Davis,
Melodie Barker, Emilie Lindemann, William Conable, Dr. Johnny Wow, Spey Rod,
Molly Gloss, Bennett Huffman, Evelyn Sharenov, Dan Mancilla, Gary
Beck, Robert Shmigelsky, Valentina Gnup, Daniel Romo, Ron Bloodworth,
Adrienne Christian, Benjamin Nardolilli, Chris Kerr, Jason Longwell,
William Doreski, Joseph Reich, Peycho Kanev, Mark Jenkins, Michael
Constantine McConnell, Ric Vrana, Harry Calhoun, Mike Berger, Alex
Gagne-Hawes, Kendra Lyris, Dog Poet Laureate Susie DeFord, Calogero
Grodecki, John Blackard, Laura Lehew, Jonathan Drews, and Ernest
Williamson III, Ryan Bradley, Robert Neuteboom, Kate Baggott, Bruce
Greene, Bryen Kaynash Kufa, Ilana Long, Perry Genovesi, Jan Priddy,
Lisa Miles, Calla Devlin, Holly Day, Leslie Mitchell, Moriah Erickson,
Carolyn Gregory, Kenneth Pobo, Lauren Henley, Jean Rover, Ray Succre,
Gabriel Welsch, Jennifer McLean, Monique Roussel, Laura Lehew

And interviews of Mary Preis the art professor, Jason Longwell the
movie projectionist, Matt McCormack the typewriter repair man, John S.
the HAZWOPER/OSHA instructor, Tawanda the job coach, Wayne the ODOT
project director, Nicole Perretta the bird call lady